Supreme New York Vandalized by Street Artist Kidult

Supreme NYC got owned by French Graffiti Artist Kidult, who blasted the storefront with his signature fire extinguisher yesterday morning, and I must say, it's kind of ironic.  The Supreme box logo has long been used across NYC as a vandalism tool in its own right- often slapped on walls, signs and doors and now Kidult has returned the favor in spades.  Supreme always claims to be the embodiment of downtown culture so the fact that they got tagged in literally the biggest way possible is a huge middle finger to the brand which has strayed a bit from its low culture roots in recent years.  It definitely made us laugh, but we're a bit annoyed it was gone by the time we got there to see it for ourselves. Kidult's also hit YSL, Collette and a number of other high end stores in the past.  You can see those videos here. Maybe a Supreme video will follow shortly?

Photo via: 12ozProphet