Shopaholism: Ubiq Walnut Street Philadelphia

Calling Ubiq in Philadelphia one of our favorite stores would be a large understatement.  It was one of the first stores we camped out at and it fostered a love for sneakers for more than one member of the solifestyle staff. I even recall Sooz camping out here once or twice, and that's something noteworthy.  Ubiq has come a long way since we first found it. Today they stock expensive and technical brands like Billionaire Boys Club, Original Fake, Nike Sportswear and Incase alongside streetwear staples like Converse, Vans and Jordans.

For more on Ubiq, click the link below.

The interior of Ubiq Walnut St. is marked with dark wood, glass display cases, and an awesome light sculpture on the ceiling and wall (photo above). The store is very good looking (very, very good looking). The fact that they're both a Nike Tier 0 and a Converse First String retailer does not hurt their cause either. Ubiq also carries a solid selection of women's shoes as well, which sets them apart from other high end sneaker shops which often neglect female sneakerheads (they do exist). If you're ever in Philadelphia, the one store to make your way into would be Ubiq. If it's a Saturday morning, you'll know where it is by the line of camping chairs and people wearing hyped shoes standing/sleeping on the street. Most recently they had over 50 people camped out for the Year of the Rabbit Jordan VII.

1509 Walnut St.
Philadelphia, PA 19102