Photographer Focus: Niccolò Barone

It is not surprising that Italian photographer Niccolò Barone expressed his interest in creating films, because his photos are extremely cinematic - each one looks like it could be a still from a movie. Niccolò's work is realistic, but with a certain dream like quality which makes his photography a joy to look at. His work ranges from portrait photography, to landscapes all of which let his talent shine. View a selection of Niccolò's photos and a short bio after the jump.

name: Niccolò Barone
location: Modena, Italy
favorite camera: Hasselblad 500 c/m
random fact about yourself: I take/develop/print pictures, play music, work hard, but when do I sleep?
favorite subject matter to shoot: Girls, birds and night panorama.
photographers you admireRichard Avedon, Alfred Eisenstaedt, Margaret Bourke-White
what makes a great photo: Anything that can invoke feelings and emotions in who is looking at it.
what makes a terrible photo: Banality - triviality
why do you love photography: Chemistry, visual art, mechanic and analogic sistems all mixed- who doesn't love it?
do you do any other art?: Yes, essentially music, but in my life I have tried to act, and I'd love to try film

Check out Niccolo's website here.