Photographer Focus: Kait Robinson

A fellow NYC dweller, Kait Robinson is currently a photo student at FIT (so jealous). Her fashion work really caught my eye because of its interesting composition, great use of color and unique subject matter. In the world of fashion photography, it can be hard to stand out, but Kait's work really shines. See more of her work after the jump plus a brief Q&A.

A behind-the-scenes photo by Kait from a shoot by Lara Jade

name: Kait Robinson
location: New York City
favorite camera: Canon 5D Mark ii
random fact about yourself: After my love of photography, comes my love for shoes!
favorite subject matter to shoot: Fashion/beauty
photographers you admire: Sølve Sundsbø, Mert & Marcus, Miles Aldridge, Camilla Akrans
what makes a great photo: Being able to invoke some kind of emotion in the viewer.
what makes a terrible photo: Uninteresting content or subject matter! There is nothing more boring than a photo that has nothing unique to look at.
why do you love photography: I love it because I can literally capture a still image of a concept or vision I had inside my head. It's always hard to voice an idea but creating a visual makes it much easier. 
do you do any other art?: Photography is my medium of choice, though I love to play music (if that is considered an art), though I'm not too good! Drawing and painting just weren't meant for me!

Check out more of Kait's work here.