Obey Misfits Street Art Mural - South Philadelphia

Cruising through South Philly this past weekend, Speedy and I came across this awesome, huge, and incredibly detailed Obey mural.  Obey has been doing street art forever, but I don't think I've ever seen a piece this large and intricate.  The center piece is an awesome take on the Misfits skull mashed up with the Andre face.  I made Speedy pull over and hopped out to snap some photos.  What I like most about the work is that what appears to be designs from far away is actually made up of smaller detailed Obey images.  Philly gets props that something this big is still intact and most of the damage appears to be weather related.  In NYC something like this would have already been tagged, torn, vandalized and covered in graffiti as soon as it was put up.

Check out more photos after the jump (click them to enlarge).