Kenny Scharf Graffiti Mural @ Bowery and Houston Streets, NYC

Locals that like graffiti and pop art are probably already familiar with this large mural space at the intersection of Bowery and Houston Streets near the East Village part of Manhattan, NYC.  But, for those who don't live in the NYC allow me to explain- this large wall on the north side of the intersection is a regularly changing canvas for some great local and nationally known artists and street artists to come and add some life to the otherwise bustling and rather uninteresting Houston Street.  The current display was beautifully crafted by American artist Kenny Scharf using myriad of comical faces in a rainbow of colors.  Inevitably, the space usually gets tagged full of bad graffiti necessitating either restoration or a change of the mural completely and since this one has already been restored once, we're expecting a new mural soon. We love street art, so we'll post on it once it goes up.  Click the picture for a larger version.