Hype Watch: Levi's Fenom x Mastermind Japan Denim Jacket

My hype sense is tingling! This jacket is as the title says - the latest collaboration between Mastermind Japan and Levi's Fenom (Hiroshi Fujiwara's diffusion line of Levi's Japan.)  I know you can barely see any details on this jacket that was posted early this morning on Fujiwara's Honeyee blog, but lots of lining up and paying many times retail price is sure to ensue.  From what you can see, the jacket has a nice looking wash with subtle damage effects and the zippers used look similar to the chunky plastic used on the Levi's Fenom Sundries from a few season back.  What we're looking for is the branding, where are the Fragment bolts or the MMJ skulls?  We hope they're on the back or the sleeve somewhere, because if this jacket looks anything like our Levi's Fenom x MMJ MM505 it's going to be amazing.