Forever21 Nail Polish Review

I've always been curious about Forever21 cosmetics, and since I'm always trying to find good nail polishes I went for it and tried out a bunch. At only $2.80 a pop the love & beauty polishes are hard to pass up, and they come in a huge range of beautiful on-trend colors. Find out what I think of them after the jump.

Colors, from L to R:
Sage, Navy, Light Orange, Dark Blue

Here's the deal - some of these are amazing, while others are completely awful. It's really hit and miss. For example, the Navy and Sage are great colors - they go on smoothly with minimal streaking and two coats are enough to get a completely opaque color. However, that orange is similar to Kraft macaroni and cheese, in color and consistency. Also the Dark Blue on the right is very streaky, yet usable if you're willing to work with it, and they all take a while to dry. Since they vary so much by color, my advice is to sneak test them out a little before you buy - you'll be glad you did.