Brand Watch: DEX New York

At the Makeup Show last weekend, I discovered a new brand that I'm now obsessed with - DEX New York. Their makeup is all natural, free of parabens, and cruelty free. The makeup also has anti-aging properties and sun protection built in. Also, unlike most makeup brands, their palettes are both reusable and recyclable. On top of all this, the colors are named after past and present iconic areas/venues throughout NYC, like Rockefeller Gold, Wall Street Onyx, and Studio 54. What could be more New York than that? With an amazing range of high quality, well pigmented products, I'm sure this brand will be around for a while, and will only continue to grow in popularity.  More info & photos after the jump.

A few of the large range of eyeshadows and powders that DEX New York has to offer.

The founder and CEO of DEX, Dex Phillip

"Sweden to Sudan, a shade for every woman"

A section of their largest customizable palette, the Artist Portfolio

Bergdorf Champagne, Riverside Purple Sky, and Empire State Platinum. Gotta love those color names!

To learn more and shop DEX New York, click here.