WNYC's Niche Market

WNYC has a lot of fun and entertaining programs but their segment called Niche Market is 100% guaranteed solifestyle. The shorts focus on a different specialty store each week and WNYC does not discriminate- from pies to doll houses to magic all shops are fair game.  Last week the Queens manga superstore called Anime Castle was featured (above), several weeks ago it was Rain or Shine and several weeks before that it was Grande Monuments.  The segment airs every Wednesday morning and evening on Morning Edition and All Things Considered respectively.  Even though each Niche Market is only around 5 minutes long, it's an awesome way to learn about all of the amazing stores in the New York City area that you would never hear about otherwise.... as if I really need more things to spend money on.

Visit Niche Market's website here to see all of their recent stories.