Unique New York: Sakura Matsuri Festival 2011 @ The Brooklyn Botanic Garden

This weekend is the 30th annual Sakura Matsuri (Cherry Blossom) Festival at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden in Brooklyn.  Though the blooming cherry trees are sure to be stunning, the star of this weekend's event will be the Japanese themed performances, costumes and events- all will be true to Japanese culture both modern and traditional.  Expect to see Taiko drumming, manga, cos-play, martial arts demonstrations and more.  Question: Will there be a Japanese streetwear competition? Because I would win that.  This is definitely on the list of top things to do this weekend.  The event will also recognize the recovery effort for the disasters in Japan and will be collecting donations.

Advanced tickets can be purchased here so you can get to the festival faster and satisfy your craving for Japan-oriented awesomeness.