The New New York City Uniform

Walking around the streets of NY this past weekend, we noticed something which was impossible not to notice. Everyone was wearing the exact same outfit. And what was worse: I was wearing that exact same outfit too.

This new uniform consists of some kind of horizontally striped shirt (preferably blue & white), skinny jeans/leggings (rolled up @ the bottom), and a military style jacket. The variety comes in the footwear - oxfords, moccasins, or boots. And if you really want to fit in, tie your hair up in a high messy bun and don some retro-inspired sunglasses. I felt like going home and burning all of my shirts featuring any sort of stripe (and there are a lot).

In a city where everyone is so creative and wants to be original, why do they (we) all look like clones of each other? It's so refreshing to get on the subway to see someone rocking a unique look, and everyone staring at them. I love a striped shirt as much as the next gal, but the moral of the story is, be original. What's the fun in looking like everyone else? Mix it up a little and see what happens.