Music Moment: Skrillex - Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites

Do you like hard music? Do you like electronic music? Do you like hard electronic music? Perfect, then Skrillex is right for you.  Skrillex is the assumed DJ name of Sonny Moore, the lead singer of hardcore band From First to Last, and his hardcore roots definitely carry over to his production work.  Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites was released in late 2010 and has an intense mixture or dubstep, house and dance music, it's a hard hitting combination that sticks in your head from the first listen through.  My major complaint about the album is that it's too short, featuring only a handful of tracks and several remixes.  I blame Skrillex for producing something so good and leaving me wanting more.  But don't let the duration dissuade you, it's definitely worth a download.  He also seems like an act that would be unbelievable live, did anybody make it to see him at Ultra Music Festival at the end of March?  Leave us a comment below.