Karl Lagerfeld for Diet Coke (and other hyped beverages)

Fashion meets...hydration. My new addiction isn't shopping or jeans or video games - it's Diet Coke.  Because I can't keep my hands off of a can (or preferably a glass bottle) of the stuff these days, it was pretty much an automatic post when Wayne, a friend of solifestyle, sent me the information on this new collabo. Creepy fashion rockstar Karl Lagerfeld is teaming up with Diet Coke to produce some limited bottles that will release across Europe in the coming months. The question is, do you buy it to drink, or do you buy it to display?  Karl Lagerfeld will only be the second person/brand to collaborate with Coke, but we've noticed a lot of collaboration between drink companies and creative types these days.

Take a look at more hyped beverages after the jump.

Karl Lagerfeld isn't the first fashion icon to work with a popular drink manufacturer.  Check out some of these other artists/ designers/ brands that collaborated to produce fancy drink bottles in the past few years.

Bape can add camo to anything and Pepsi is no exception.  This Bapesi collaboration not only spawned colorful cans and bottles but naturally some limited edition clothing as well. 

Issey Miyake is one of Japan's great contemporary designers and when he worked with Evian this past year on two limited edition bottles, his simple and colorful design style carried right over. Each bottle was priced at around $17.

When Mastermind Japan does something, it's expensive.  No matter what the item is.  About a year and a half ago, you could've bought one of these Swarovski encrusted bottles of Fillico water for about $100.

Missoni was a good fit to work with San Pellegrio because the label was already a good shade to work in their signature patterns, and the fact that they're both Italian of course doesn't hurt. The bottle came in a beautiful Missoni print with signature San Pellegrino star ornamentation.

Pop artist Kaws, who has become quite the streetwear sensation in recent years collaborated with Dos Equis on special beer bottles.  The collaboration bottles feature his signature X's and was only released in Mexico.