Movie Review: Jane Eyre

This past weekend I was able to indulge my BBC-esque obsession with a girls trip to the movies to see Jane Eyre. Jane Eyre, mind you, is not a film for everyone. If you're not too keen on period pieces and romantic dramas that may be a little 'slow moving' at times, this is definately not a movie for you. But if you are, you may enjoy it. I appreciated the quiet thoughtful moments of this film.  More after the jump.

The chemistry between Jane Eyre (Mia Wasikowska) and Mr. Rochester (Michael Fassbender) was remarkable, in my opinion.  Though Fassbender is too handsome to play Mr. Rochester, who according to the book was much more intimidating in appearance. I have to say that Wasikowska played an excellent Jane Eyre.  Generally plain in appearance (just like Jane), Mia has a deep quality about her and an intuitiveness and wit that Jane embodies in the book. Also, we have the Dame Judi Dench, as Mrs. Fairfax the housekeeper.  As a HUGE fan of Judi Dench, I was quite pleased with her role. 

One of the main concerns I have about this movie was how short it was. They cut very important scenes out of the movie, such as Mr. Rochester's real wife Bertha, setting the house on fire, or the important relationship between young Jane and Helen, her childhood friend that died when they were in school together. It was one of those instances where I wouldn't of minded if the movie was 3 hours long, I mean, you expect that with period pieces anyway.

Overall, I did enjoy this movie, but I would've liked more from it. If you would like to see this movie, I would recommend waiting until it's on DVD to enjoy it.

Written by Tricia