Is It Spring Yet?

The weather has been really hit or miss recently here in NYC, warm then freezing, sunny then stormy, it would be nice to get a little bit of consistency.  Hear that Mother Nature?  At least we finally got some nice weather yesterday so Sooz and I were able to put on some of our spring gear and wander around the city.  We even found an awesome Mad Max type motor trike parked on the street, too bad it didn't have the keys with it.  To read about what she was wearing, and to see what I wore, click the link below.

It's really nice not to have to put on the down coat (finally!), so we had our lighter weight and lighter colored jackets on.  Sooz is wearing an H&M M-65 jacket, an A.P.C. crewneck sweatshirt, Madewell jeans and Fred Flare heeled hiking boots.  I'm wearing an A.P.C fishtail parka, J. Crew flannel shirt, Supreme for A.P.C. jeans and Fragment Design Converse.  I'm not actually unhappy in the photo, but I just had a very average Jamba Juice and was slightly disappointed.  Anyway, I really hope it gets warm soon, so we can ditch the outerwear all together.  I've got t-shirts that need to be shown some love.  Happy Spring! ...I hope.