Giant Teddy Bear Invades Park Avenue

Walking down 50th St. towards Park yesterday, I spotted this monstrosity sitting caution-taped off in front of an office building. First, I thought WTF. And then I did some research. Learn more about this new addition to midtown after the jump.

This giant bear leaning against an equally giant desk lamp was made by Swiss artist Urs Fischer and was set up by Christie's to brighten up Park Avenue Plaza. The bronze sculpture, towering at 23 feet, is titled "Untitled (Lamp/Bear)". This sculpture also received the "Worst Titled Piece of Art" award from solifestyle.

According to the Wall Street Journal, six permits were required to bring the bear into the city, and it took 30 people to set up, which included reinforcing the floor of the plaza due to the sheer weight of the sculpture. Next month it is expected to be auctioned off for around $10 million. I mean, who wouldn't want this in/around their home? Totally worth it...