Brand Watch: Strings by Camilla Lehn

I like the look of jewelry whether it's rings, bracelets or necklaces but I can never find something I really love.  There's never anything cool/manly enough for me to really want to wear it.  Recently though, I was shown Strings by solifestyle's friend Rob. These super badass bracelets are hand made (and can be custom made on request) in Denmark by artist/designer Camilla Lehn.  The pieces have really taken off in Denmark and orders have started to ship around Europe as well as to Japan and the USA.  We could easily see these selling in boutiques in NYC and LA but Camilla is keeping it more exclusive for now- she feels strongly about the personal and handmade qualities of her brand and we can certainly respect that. I'll take 5 please.

The skull bracelets are currently the most popular and we can see why! They can be worn by guys or girls and can be made with black leather for a more edgy look or in bright neons as a fun spring/summer accessories.  Our favorite is the black with gold skulls all the way around the bracelet.  The last step for us is placing an order.  Prices range from $155-$300+ think high end, and can be ordered by contacting Camilla through her website or Facebook page- links below.

Check out the Strings by Camilla Lehn website and Facebook page to take a look at more designs and news from the brand.