Sneak Peek: Nike Air Force 1 High x Foamposite Kobe Bryant 'Eggplant'

One of the more interesting collaborations I have seen in a long time comes in the form of this Air Force 1 High. Nike has been experimenting recently with the Nike Air Force 1 as well as the Nike Air Foamposite, this being the third appearance of this combination of materials. The first being silver, and the second being black. The added addition to this shoe however is the collaboration with Kobe Bryant. What does Kobe Bryant have to do with either the Air Force 1 or Foamposite? Beats me...

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Nike Air Force 1 Foamposite
Varsity Purple/Varsity Purple-Black
Style # 415419 550
MSRP $185.00

Although I have a certain hatred for Kobe Bryant, going back to the 2001 NBA Finals, I picked up these because of my love for the Air Force 1. The mix of the Air Force 1 High silhouette with foamposite material attacted my eye and I had to see these for myself.

The eggplant color stays true to the original eggplant Air Foamposite 1 and looks great on a different silhouette. The foamposite material is rigid and can definitely take a beating unlike some more detailed leather Air Force 1's.  Sitting on a purple sole, with visible air unit, makes the shoe  pop. It also came with two pairs of laces, black and purple. I left the black laces in, as the purple laces were too much for my liking. The balance of black and purple is perfect with this combination. On the tongue is also Kobe Bryant's signature logo. The tongue also remains true to the Foamposite 1- which is comfortable mesh.

This shoe is as comfy as can be, incorporating the stability of the Air Force 1 High and the cushioning of the Air Foamposite 1. After considerable wear time, the foamposite material conforms and molds to your foot, making it extremely comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. I could go on and on about this shoe, but if you are interested, pick up a pair, and let us know what you think!