Ridiculously Expensive T-Shirts

Something that really bothers me is overly expensive basics. Of course there's a difference between some $2 undershirt and a soft, well-fitting tee thats a bit more expensive. But some of the shirts above really break the bank - all range from $270 to $1415, which has us proclaiming 'WTF'. And would I even wear any of these? Probably not. Check out prices & brand info after the jump.

Top Row, L to R
Alexander McQueen - $795
Pretty details, not worth almost $800
Marcus Lupfer - $500
Can get something similar @ H&M for <$10 (but do you even want something similar?)
Y's - $570
Just plain ridiculous. 
The Row - $1290
Yes it's leather, but...
Rika - $750
What's the purpose of a suede T-shirt again?

Bottom Row, L to R
Alexander McQueen - $355
Two words: Hot Topic
Hussein Chalayan - $330
Yes, this one looks a little fancier, but it's made of Jersey. JERSEY, not gold.
Lanvin - $1415
Pretty, but you can get something similar at J.Crew and save over $1350.
Balmain - $425
Two words: Tommy Bahama
Raquel Allegra - $260
Buy this and you will literally wash $260 down the drain..bc thats where this will be after 1 wash.