Good Idea: Gearbottle Streetwear Locator

Anybody that has visited NYC and tried to find Flight Club knows it's difficult to locate with multiple locations that aren't exactly well marked.  Last year, two friends, Matt and Nick, ran into this streetwear quandary and gave up hope of finding Flight Club.  They returned home disappointed, but they vowed to solve the problem for streetwear fiends all over the USA.  They created Gearbottle a searchable streetwear locator.  Just plug in your city, state or zip code and the locator sends you to a map that shows streetwear hotspots and locations in your specified area. Good idea? Definitely.  They're looking to expand with a mobile app eventually which would be a perfect companion to shoppers on the go.

The locator identifies hotspots with the number of streetwear hits within that area, and also marks individual locations with pins.  As you zoom in you can see the individual store names and their contact information. Test Gearbottle out for yourself here