Food for Thought: Amber NYC

Don't let the massive fluorescent color-changing Buddha fool you, Amber NYC is more serious about the food then the decor lets on.  They've put together featuring both Thai and Japanese- an idea that would have been strange to me 5 years ago, but no combination surprises me anymore in this city (Mexican and Chinese restaurant anybody?).  A multinational menu can lead to failure, but in this case it was pretty good, I went with a Thai appetizer followed by Sushi and neither disappointed.  The restaurant was packed at 8pm on a Wednesday but it may have been because of their recent participation in a Groupon deal.

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Despite the interesting mix of neon and fake bamboo, parts of the atmosphere are nice like the stone wall shown below.  The music was a bit of a turn off, loud hip-hop music played throughout the meal seemed geared towards teens while the restaurant's menu and location seemed to be attracting 30-somethings.

The food was good, but not amazing.  The satay was not truly Thai, but tasty nonetheless and the sushi was fresh but non-traditional.  I ordered tuna, yellowtail and eel-tempura.  Eel tempura was a novelty for me and was quite tasty.  Prices were reasonable but extremely worth it if you show up with a groupon. Expect about $40 for two entrees and an appetizer.  Overall, a safe bet if you're in the neighborhood and craving some sushi, but there are better restaurants in the city.

432 6th Avenue (btw 9th and 10th st.)
Greenwich Village, NYC