Fine Print: Purple Fashion Magazine

Purple Fashion Magazine is a new favorite of ours, and not just because it's where the Supreme x Lady Gaga photos were first posted.  First of all the print quality is top notch! I guess that explains why the bi-annual mag sells for $35 an issue and has a dollar sign embossed in the cover?  The pages have weight to them and the colors in the magazine are beautiful and vibrant- a far cry from the cheap printing that the mainstream US magazines use.  Inside, the writing and photos are edgy and modern- it's really nice to find a magazine like this that is geared towards a younger crowd and not just those old ladies on the Upper East Side.  Issue 15 features must buy fashion collections, photographs by Terry Richardson and of course- Lady Gaga.  Grab yours in the USA at higher end magazine shops.  If you're in the rest of the world- shop here.