Unique New York: Hot Chocolate Festival

So we've all been blasted by the winter weather now and if it hasn't made you just a little bit upset, consider yourself lucky.  For those of us who are now bitter and angry any time the forecast mentions snow, City Bakery's Hot Chocolate Festival is sure to help thaw your/our icy hearts.  Everyday throughout the month of February, City Bakery will be offering a different flavor of hot chocolate.  From the traditional with a twist, to some more exotic blends (what exactly is Love Potion Hot Chocolate anyway?) they seem to have all your taste buds covered.

Check the calendar of flavors here and make sure you go on your favorite flavor's day. $3-6 depending on size and flavor, add a marshmallow for an extra $1.

City Bakery
3 West 18th Street (at 5th Ave)