Sneak Peek: Air Jordan V Retro Premio

The Jordan Brand continues their high-quality Premio line with the Air Jordan V. The last we saw of this line was the eccentric, to say the least, Air Jordan VII. These new Jordans are considerably more simplistic, especially in terms of the colorway, as compared to their predecessor. Jordan really took it to the next level by incorporating great construction & premium materials with all of the traditional aspects of the Jordan V with this pair.

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Air Jordan V Retro Premio
Black/Black-Metallic Silver
Style # 444844 001

This predominently black shoe does not disappoint by any means. From a distance, it may appear just like any other black sneaker, but the details make this shoe stand out from all the rest. The upper is composed of quality supreme leather, which seems exclusive to the Premio line. With each Premio release, the number of pairs seems to be increasing. With 2,133 pairs available this time, this is a wider release than with the VII model.

There are many trademark aspects to this shoe. First is the 3M tongue, which is common to almost all Jordan Vs. It coordinates nicely with the metallic silver on the midsole. The other common V touches include the 23 on the heel as well as the meshing on the mid panel. The only difference is that the mesh is made of leather, rather than the typical cheaper plastic. I bet Jordan Brand switched this up in order to prevent the inevitable yellowing as seen on any previous V release (good move on their part).

The BIN Signature stamp can only be seen on the rear heel, allowing the front and sides to remain a classic silhouette. The icey sole reminds us that this is indeed a functional basketball shoe rather than a "just for show" type sneaker. The final touch, which was a surprise to most, were the white laces. Both pairs of laces that come with the shoes are white, whereas many people were expecting black waxed laces, or maybe a red pair to match the logo. This move is completely intentional, and pays tribute to Michael Jordan himself who used to wear only white laces in his Metallic Vs when he played in them. As common with all Premios, two cedar shoe horns, as well as carrying bags are included. Overall, I am very satisfied with the outcome of this Premio. We will find out soon what the next shoe will be in the Premio line, and be sure to tune in for our review.