Shopaholism: Top 5 New York City Denim Shops

With an overwhelming amount of stores to choose from, how do you find the best place to buy jeans in NYC?  There are so many brands selling denim in New York, but we know as lifestyle connoisseurs that you're only looking for the finest labels and fits, so we hooked it up. has taken the work out of finding the best denim purveyors in the city (with some expense to our wallets... are there supposed to be flies in there?) and we're ready to present you with a Top 5 List.

Click the link to read more and see our guide, and know that that this is just the first of several we're putting together for the next couple months.

1. Levi's Concept Store
Where: 25 West 14th Street, Flatiron District.
How much: $100-$600+
About: Levi's is a classic.  They created the original blue jean way back in the 1800s and they're still making them today.  At the Levi's Concept Store you'll find all of Levi's fits, both traditional and modern.  Once you pick your jeans the shop can damage, wash, and tailor the jeans to your specifications.  They also carry a curated selection of LVC- their premium vintage line.
solifestyle says: Save up your money because starting this month, the concept store will offer Bespoke Levi's Jeans.  The store will measure you, cut a pair of Levi's jeans in the denim of your choice (yes, you can tell Levi's what kind of fabric to use) and set you up with a fitting to make sure they meet your specifications. When you're satisfied, they'll finish the denim off with a wash and damage if you so choose.  The whole shebang will cost more than $500, but when somebody asks you about those great fitting jeans, you can let them know that there is only one pair in the world and Levi's made them just for you.

2. Self Edge
Where: 157 Orchard Street, Lower East Side.
How much: $200-$500
About: Self Edge sells the best selection of raw denim in the city.  They stock brands from around the world known for producing high quality jeans that fit and wear well.  The staff is knowledgeable and ready to assist but be wary that  many of the styles are hard to get hold of in popular sizes so don't get your hopes up or be prepared to come back at a later date.
solifestyle says: For us, Self Edge beats Blue in Green as the top raw denim store.  Our reasoning? Self Edge works together with denim companies on special collaboration models with details that leave denim-heads drooling.  They are not just a store but innovators in brining raw denim to the American market. Self Edge also carries Flat Head- a favorite brand of ours.

3. Blue in Green
Where: 8 Greene Street, SoHo.
How Much: $200-$500
About: Blue in Green is a power house jean store specializing in Japanese raw denim- their lineup includes Samurai, Pure Blue Japan and Somet.  Centrally located in SoHo, Blue in Green makes for an easy stop on your weekend shopping trip.  The store is quiet, and the staff is ready to talk denim.
solifestyle says: Blue in Green was one of the first stores we went to when we first started getting into jeans.  At the time we did not realize what a great variety of denim was on hand at the store.  They carry a fair amount of brands that Self Edge does not stock like Samurai and Momotaro, but they also sell some other great labels that aren't denim brands like Canada Goose.

4. Barney's New York- Men's Co-Op Floor
Where: 660 Madison Avenue, Midtown East
How Much: $175-$800
About: Barney's is one of the most avant-garde and high end department stores in the world.  Their flagship store on Madison Avenue in NYC sells the most sought after brands and collections in the city.  On their Co-Op floor within the store you can find some of the more contemporary brands as well as their jeans.
solifestyle says: The Co-Op is great because instead of sending you to several stores that we like, we can recommend one floor of Barney's and get the same effect.  In the Co-Op you will find several brands that  produce top tier raw and washed denim- among them are A.P.C., RRL and Junya Watanabe for Levi's.  When you're done buying your jeans, you can walk downstairs and finish maxing out your credit card on the high-fashion floors.

5. Dior Homme
Where: 17 East 57th Street, Midtown East
How Much: $300-$900
About: Dior Homme established itself in the denim arena in the early 2000's when Hedi Slimane was the head designer.  Their 19cm cut is known as being one of the best fitting pairs of slim tapered jeans in existence.  Dior's jeans come in three cuts and many iterations each season and the best place to get hands on with all of them is at the Dior Homme Flagship Store.
solifestyle says:  The fit of Dior's 19cm and 17.5cm jeans is truly fantastic though the price is painful.  If you don't see what you want when you go, check back throughout the season as the denim is always a staple of Dior Homme's collection and they release a variety of styles encompassing different washes, colors and degrees of damage.  The 21cm cut isn't for us, but if you like a more relaxed fit, they're the ones you want- and would you mind paying for our pair while you're at it?