Last Call: Bar at Fives NYC

Fifth Avenue in Midtown isn't my usual scene for socializing and hanging out, but places like the Fives Restaurant at the Peninsula Hotel might just change my mind.  Calling Fives upscale would be somewhat of an understatement because breakfast for two people might run you close two $100.  They also do a casual lunch with soups and sandwiches, but the good fun comes in the evening where you get to mingle with a high-society crowd from around the world before they go out on the town.  The food is spectacular, cocktails are excellent and the service lives up to the Peninsula name by making any changes to the menu or custom orders you might want.  It's a better idea to go when somebody else is footing the bill though.

Bar at Fives (Peninsula Hotel)
700 Fifth Avenue (at 55th St.)
Midtown, NYC