Yom's Bargains - Neighborhood Callahan shirt

A section where I annoy you by telling you about the items I find here for cheap.

Item: neighborhood “Callahan” shirt
Season : 2008 a/w
Size: XL
Condition : 9/10
Colour : Blue/White
Original price : around Y18,000
What I paid: Y6,300

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The shirt is a blue/white pinstripe long sleeve design. Across the back is a white patch of material and around the shoulders is a black section, with the left hand side being longer than the right, giving a shoulder “gun holster” effect. An embroidered patch appears on the upper left chest area. This design stemmed from the theme of the series, "Dirty Harry".

The material (100% cotton) is light but ideal for Autumn wear. There are also hidden pockets on each side.

I have wanted this shirt ever since it was released but haven't been able to find one in my size for a good price, so I was very happy when I finally found it.