Shopaholism: Souless Hangzhou, China

On the upper echelon of high-end streetwear boutiques sits Souless in Hangzhou, a city just outside of Shanghai, China.  They stock all of the brands that your dream boutique would- Visvim, Mastermind Japan, Neighborhood and Comme des Garcons to name a few. Excuse me for drooling.  But more than just selling clothing, Souless specializes in a complete lifestyle experience so it's no coincidence that we wanted to feature them here on solifestyle.

Read more about what Souless has to offer and checkout some photos of the shop after the jump.

Souless opened in 2010 and stepped outside the norm by offering an atmosphere that encourages the customer to not only shop, but to hangout and chat or take some time to play some video games with the staff (a welcome alternative to the glaring staff in the stores in NYC that I'm used to).  For any items they don't already stock, or to take your shopping experience to the next level, Souless has a service which will source items from various markets around the world- creating a tailored personal shopping experience that is second to none.

The beautifully designed store is two stories tall with exposed brick and modern furnishings.  The majority of the stock is displayed on the first floor, while the second floor houses some items and a  lounge area complete with flat panel television and a PS3.  If it sounds great, its because it is, and the owners are already planning to open their second store.

60 Wen Er Road West
West Lake District
Hangzhou, China
Tel: (86)-0571-88858507

International buyers are able to contact Souless through here: