Last Call: Death and Company NYC

Behind an unmarked wooden door in the East Village of Manhattan is Death + Company.  Inside, well-groomed mixologists and attractive waitresses serve up some of the best made cocktails in the city.  The 'seating only' policy prevents you from fighting a crowd to get to the bar, and the service is prompt and attentive.  Not sure what you want? Trust the staff's judgement; you won't be disappointed- Death + Company prides itself in knowing how to make a seriously badass drink.  We just hope you aren't set on ordering vodka because it's not on the menu.

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Death + Company is housed behind this large wooden door on 6th street in the East Village.  Just inside is the door attendant.  If there is no space available when you first arrive, go have a drink elsewhere and Death will call you when a space for your party is ready.

The space is part prohibition speakeasy, part gothic chic.  Dark wood abounds, accented with skeletons, black chandeliers and subtle signage like the one above explaining Death + Company's mission.

Every drink on the menu is top notch.  But after waiting for 2 hours at neighboring bars, should we expect anything else?  The menu is divided into sections by liquor and then again by how the drink is mixed.  If you can't decide for yourself, the staff is very helpful.  Better yet, if you're sitting at the bar, tell one of the mixologists what you like and they'll take you into uncharted drink territory.

The fantastic beverages aside, the best part of Death + Company might be how they treat their clients.  Once inside, there is no pressure to drink more or to chat less.  The owners have created an atmosphere that encourages you to stay and enjoy yourself.  While you're drinking the night away, try some of the small plates.  They don't disappoint.  Our favorite was the truffle macaroni and cheese which comes in single bites on bent spoons.  We'll be coming back to Death & Co. as much as our wallets allow, but we'll be doing it earlier in the night next time so that we can get in with less of a wait.

Death + Company
433 East 6th Street. (Between 1st Ave and A)
East Village, NYC
(212) 388-0882