Brand Profile: Supreme

In 1994 Supreme opened shop in NYC.  The store became a haven for counter-culture trends, transformed the city's perception of skateboarding and streetwear and became a downtown establishment.  They've risen to the top of skate culture by working with a list of collaborators that sound like they belong with a French high-fashion house, not a skateboarding brand. Damian Hirst, Thom Browne, A.P.C.... really?  Since 1994, Supreme has expanded to LA but also oversees with several stores in Japan (where they conveniently sell the same items they do in the USA at more than double the price).  Supreme's popularity continues to increase and shows no sign of slowing down.  These days you aren't cool unless you can afford to pay 3x the retail price for item with Supreme stamped on it on Ebay- that's not counter-culture, that's mainstream hype.

274 Lafayette St. (at Prince St.)
(212) 966-7799