Behind the Scenes at the AMNH

One of my favorite places in NYC is the AMNH, or the American Museum of Natural History. Located on the upper west side, this museum is home to thousands of animal specimins as well as world-renouned exhibits on everything from the brain to butterflies.

When I visit this place, I always wondered what it would be like to go behind the scenes and learn what really goes into the making of their exhibits - especially the older dioramas that have been there for almost a hundred years. Well, today I stumbled across an archive of photos from the early 20th century that depict just that - how these exhibits were created back in the old days.

Oh, and don't worry. That's just a stuffed bear attacking that guy. Check out more pics after the jump.

Working on the Triceratops model, 1938

Paleontology staff posing with fossil shark jaws, unknown date

The suspended blue whale model in the Hall of Ocean Life, 1969

Museum staff joining the head to the body of a female elephant in the Indian Elephant group, 1926

At work on the Killer whale group in the Hall of Ocean Life, 1967

Museum staff mounting rhinoceros and Indian elephant, 1934

Preparing the African lion group, 1935
Original Photo Source
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