Top 3 Things I've Learned from the YouTube Beauty Gurus

As I've been watching way too many YouTube makeup videos, I've learned a lot about applying my own makeup. Here are the top 3 things I've learned - click read more for all of the info.

1. There is this thing called primer
Makeup primer for eyeshadow and foundation are key to keeping your makeup on throughout the day. They really work - by the end of my work day my face is still intact.
The Products: I prefer Eye Shadow Insurance by Too Faced ($18), and Primed and Poreless, also by Too Faced ($30). The Eye Shadow Insurance is colorless so it works with every look (some eye shadow primers are tinted) and you only need a small amount so the tube lasts forever. Primed and Poreless fells like silk on your skin and really holds onto your foundation strong.

2. Brushes are key A major thing I leaned from these girls is that you need to invest in your own set of high-quality makeup brushes and throw away those dinky things that come with all eye shadows/powders/anything. Both MAC and Sigma are great bets for the best brushes out there. These brushes make all of the difference in your look - they make your makeup go on perfectly. These high end brushes can be very expensive (the MAC kabuki brush is almost $50 alone), so I also recommend the brand EcoTools which you can find at nearly any drug store or target (pictured below). These brushes aren't a huge investment ($12.99 for 5 brushes) but still work well.
The Products: To start out, I'd suggest getting a blush/powder brush (MAC 182, $47), an all around eye shadow brush (Sigma E55, $9), a blending brush (MAC 222, $29), an eyeliner brush (MAC 266, $19.50), and a concealer brush (Sigma F75, $9). I'm ditching the foundation brush because I usually just apply it with my fingers.

3. Lipstick isn't just for your grandma
Something I was really shocked by is that all of these girls, even the younger ones, use lipstick. I always thought lipstick was for older women, but I guess I was wrong. They all use it and then layer glosses over, and it does create a really pretty look. If you're just getting into lip products, I'd suggest going for a lipstain instead - it requires a lot less maintenance throughout the day.
Products: Since I'm still not totally sold on this whole lipstick thing, I'm going to recommend a lipstain. Revlon Just Bitten lasts hours, has a cool magic-marker style applicator, and has a lip balm on the end so your lips don't dry out (as lipstains tend to do). You can find this at any drugstore for around $8.