Gift Guide: For the urbanite in your life

I love my folding bike. Albeit it's way too heavy to actually carry around (I almost went into cardiac arrest carrying it through Penn Station), the foldable quality of the bike still comes in handy for storage and transporting it via the trunk of a car. And if you have the dough, you can buy a folding bike that is actually light weight and easier to carry. 

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I have an Eco 3 by Dahon (pictured above). Its really easy to fold, and great quality - I haven't had any functional issues with it yet. The only thing is - it's heavy, 27 pounds (which doesn't sound bad now, but don't say I didn't warn you). I got mine for around $350.00 at our local bike shop. Find out more about this model here: Eco3 by Dahon

They also have other models that are lighter, and of course more expensive (a lot more). The Mu SL, pictured above, weighs in at a dainty 18.3 pounds, but it'll cost ya (around $1350). Check it out here: Mu SL by Dahon

For a mid-range option, try the Mu Uno by Dahon (above). It weighs 22 pounds, and will run you about $520.

Happy gifting! :)