5 Pointz Whitewashed Overnight

The arts community in NYC suffered a dirty stab in the back Monday night when Jerry and David Wolkoff, the owners of graffiti artist haven

5 Pointz

, haphazardly whitewashed the building's facade. An act that was


meant to soften the blow of the building's imminent demolition felt more like a huge fuck you to anyone and everyone interested in or involved with the street art scene in New York.

About a dozen people, including curator Meres, were milling around 5 Pointz on Tuesday afternoon, taking photos and tagging a little corner of the building for the last time. There was an air of utter sadness and defeat, everyone questioning why the end had to be like this. The painting of the building seemed like an act of sheer anger, something an uncontrollable kid would do if they were throwing a temper tantrum.  Not only physically destructive, painting over the graffiti was metaphorically destructive as well - it's is a sign of utmost disrespect in the graffiti community.

A unique part of the city which had become a cult international destination for artists and fans; and, more importantly, a creative outlet for a community of New York City is gone for good.  5 Pointz is set for demolition over the next 3 months, and overpriced condos will take it's place. More pictures after the jump.