Patta, Amsterdam

Supreme is to NYC what Patta is to Amsterdam.  It's a homegrown streetwear institution stocking awesome gear that the locals rock with pride.  Walking down the street in The Dam, you'd be pressed to make it 10 or 15 minutes without seeing a local sneakerhead or skater decked out in stylish Patta tees and jackets.

Located near Amsterdam's Chinatown, Patta (as many cool shops around the world have done) has removed itself from the main shopping and tourist areas, but that hasn't stopped it from drawing crowds.  Patta is known for its hyped sneaker collaborations with the Dutch artist Parra, but they've worked with plenty of other brands- while we visited they had a triple collab t-shirt in stock with Stussy and  Firmament Berlin.

Unlike many streetwear establishments which field a skate team, Patta departs from the cliche and sports a running club.  The running influence was evident when checking out the footwear slection on hand which included the Flyknit Racer multi and Air Max camo pack.

So what did we think of the shop overall?  We thought it was awesome. The vibe was laid-back but helpful and there wasn't an overwhelming brand selection because there did not need to be.  Patta sticks to what it does best, catering to the local streetwear and sneaker enthusiasts.  We can't wait to get a chance to go back.  By the way, I am wearing my newly acquired Patta shirt while writing this post.