Photographer Focus: Eduardo Villanueva

Something I love about these Photographer Focus posts is being able to travel while sitting at the computer. As I went through Eduardo's photos for this piece, I was totally intrigued by his home city, Guadalajara, which I've never been to or even been near before. He captures both the hustle and bustle, as well as still quiet moments of everyday life. He says he wants to make the viewer wish they were there, and I think he totally accomplishes that.

Check out his work here, and more on his personal


, where his photos are complemented by awesome chill tunes.


Guadalajara, Mexico

favorite camera

Cannon 50D

random fact about yourself

I’m inspired by starting the day as a spectator of the mysterious present moment.

favorite subject matter to shoot

Daily life

photographers you admire

 Alana Paterson, Carson Davis Brown, Mickey Ross, Théo Gosselin, Grant Harder and my friends from the collectif 5.6 Louis-Marie du Perray and Laurent Nalin.

what makes a great photo

A great photo is one that makes the viewer feel captured by the image. Sometimes without knowing what makes it happen. A feeling of joy from just looking at it. Many times making the viewer wish they were in that particular moment.

what makes a terrible photo

I would say it’s always subjective but if I had to answer I would say bad composition.

why do you love photography

 It brings me new ways to see everything, I’m moved by the idea of exploring, getting out of the comfort zone. Seeing the magic that life brings to me. I love the possibility to capture the ordinary in an extraordinary way.

do you do any other art?

I’m starting to think about making installations.