Marc Jacobs Bookmarc x KRINK Paint Pens and Markers

From sub culture tool to mainstream art supply,


emerged from the shadows in the late 90's and was quickly embraced by the New York City art scene.  Since then the ink and marker company has produced some of the finest vandalism tools in the world (spray paint fire extinguisher anybody?) and has seen it's creator and namesake collaborate with brands like Nike, Coach and Levi's.   At this point, Krink's signature paint drips are recognizable to gallery-goers and sneakerheads alike which makes their newest collaboration a perfect fit. 

Starting on May 31st, Bookmarc, the trendy West Village bookstore run by the one and only Marc Jacobs will release a series of collaboration permanent markers and paint pens.  Don't be fooled, these products are all Krink, there's no substitution of quality, but the pens will feature the Bookmarc branding as well as some special silver accents.  You can pre-order each of the 3 styles (K-47 Permanent Ink Marker, K-12 Paint Marker and K-60 Paint Marker) on the

Marc Jacobs website

right now.  They'll ship at the end of the month.