Citi Bike Bicycle Sharing Program Arrives in NYC

Over the past week or two, New Yorkers all over Manhattan have witnessed the arrival of the grey metal docking stations for Citi Bike in their neighborhoods.  This past weekend, the first

Citi Bikes

finally arrived on site at docks throughout the borough for the earliest adopters to try out.  The Citi Bike bicycle sharing program follows in the footsteps of similar ideas in cities like Paris and Krakow and will provide an alternative transportation method for locals, and a fun and affordable activity for tourists.  

The challenge for the program was to create bikes that were durable yet ridable and to include enough docking stations that people could easily find the bikes without much effort.  Based on the numbers we've seen, it seems to be working- close to 20,000 people have already become annual members of Citi Bike in only the first couple of days.  This may signal a brighter future for the NYC biking community which has had to fight an uphill battle in many neighborhoods in order to install bike lanes.  We passed by several docking stations this weekend all of which had curious locals getting hands on with the bikes, seemingly excited about the Citi Bike launch.

Check out some pictures of the

 W 4th Street & 7th Ave docking station, and purchase your annual subscription


for the bargain price of $95.