Tracy Had a Hard Sunday by Parra @ Jonathan Levine Gallery


's work is instantly recognizable - his use of bold color, surreal characters, and simple yet graphic design are all uniquely his own.

We wandered into the gallery after seeing Olek's exhibit, drawn in by the imagery and bright, happy style of his work. Hailing from the Netherlands, the Dutch artist isn't just an amazing pop artist, he also dabbles in electronic music and clothing design. Taking on a select number of commercial jobs a year, kids in Amsterdam scour the city, looking for Parra-designed posters, ripping them off the streets to proudly display in their own spaces. Now when you see a crazy naked red birdlike figure in a painting, you can impress your friends by casually stating "Oh, that's a Parra." You're welcome.



Tracy Had a Hard Sunday


Jonathan Levine Gallery, 529 W. 20 St. #9E NYC


til' March 23rd 2013