Photographer Focus: Rob Aparicio

It kinda, sorta, almost feels like Spring is here in NYC. And that's why our newest feature photographer's work is so apropos. Rob, hailing from Southern Spain, focuses (literally) on nature - it's loveliness, tranquility, and simple beauty. He often times adds a little somethin' somethin' to his images by using quotes in a ransom-note style that would appeal universally to any lost teenager (and maybe even to a few mid 20-somethings too). His view is clear - just chill, bro. So take a break, and feel free to stare aimlessly at these photos, letting them transport you to a clean, peaceful world far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

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Marbella, Spain.

favorite camera

 Olympus OM 20 (film camera) and my humble camera Canon 1000D.

random fact about yourself

I really love Paramore and Stephen King. f

avorite subject matter to shoot

 Landscapes, I love being in touch with nature when I take pictures.

photographers you admire

Cristina Hoch, Toby Harvard, Joel Robinson...

what makes a great photo

A nice light, not too burned. And for me it's important an edit very soft, not too aggressive for the photo, I like the natural colors.

what makes a terrible photo

A bad photograpich frame or a flash too hard.

why do you love photography

 Photography makes my life much more interesting and joyful, photography is my passion. I love capturing moments and daydreaming when I take pictures. There are feelings that can't be explained with words, but rather with images. Also you can meet lots of cool people and I love that.

do you do any other art?

Yes! I like to paint, especially on my shirts, I make my own "designs".