Brunch at The Park in Chelsea

On a sunny, almost spring day, brunch at The Park is something to behold.  As far as New York City goes, the space is massive, bright, and there are even real birds.  Wait, real birds? Inside? With the potential to steal your bread and poop in your food?  Yeah, it's a bit weird but we got passed it.

Like I just said the ambience in the garden is beautiful, and a great way to enjoy the weather, without actually being in the weather.  That being said, we hope you didn't come to The Park for good service, that's out of the question.  The garden was full of empty tables when we arrived but we waited about 25 minutes for a seat and then it took another 20 minutes for a waiter to acknowledge our presence and bring us water.  It sucked.

So how was the food?  Pretty good.  The prices are usual NYC brunch prices with entrees in the $10-18 range, we tried the Crunchy French Toast which tasted really good but hardened my arteries as I struggled to finish its epic decadence.  I could feel myself sweating like Man Versus Food trying to get the final bites down.  But it was worth the food coma.  The Yogurt Parfait was simple, healthy and fresh.  The chorizo side dish was well cooked and tasty but the chicken apple sausage was dry.

We'd go back again... maybe... but we wouldn't go out of our way to do it.  It's a fun brunch if you've never been there before but it's definitely not the best.