WTF Art: Outer Air @ Feature Inc. Gallery

At SOLIFESTYLE we're lucky enough to have amazing opportunities to meet artists and write about art shows in NYC, but every once in a while we stumble onto an exhibit that boggles the mind.  Sometimes the art is so out there we cannot grasp its significance or purpose even though  I consider myself a fairly open-minded and intelligent human.  This is WTF Art.

Our inaugural WTF Art installment takes us to Outer Air, an art installation that ended earlier this week, at Feature Inc. Gallery by artist Nathaniel Robinson.  At first glance the show's signature piece of art  might look just like a puddle on a rug.  But then when you look closer you realize it actually is a puddle on a rug.  I wasn't sure what to think of this so I read the show's description which read like a jumble of words in an order of no particular grammatical significance- words like, 'distinction,' 'inter-relatedness,' 'juxtaposition,' and, 'perception,' were placed entirely too close together, both confusing and angering me.

Nonetheless I pressed on through the show which contained other such masterpieces as Sign, a pile of poop (fake or real? you decide) in the corner, and, (get out your magnifying glasses) Dependent which was a fake nail placed somewhere on the rug.  The only part of the show I found myself enjoying were the two small dinosaur figures placed on a kitchen counter surrounded by small pebbles that looked like poop.  Don't worry every object mentioned in the last sentence was a piece of art so that means it's completely acceptable.  See you next time!