Good Eats: Curry-Ya, NYC

Like so many of the tastiest food establishments in the East Village,


has no more space than your average NYC apartment.  Maybe ten people fit along the bar in front of an open kitchen and if your timing is impeccable you can occupy a two person window seat for some people watching.  The thing with Curry-Ya is, that despite its small size, you never feel cramped or down market.  In fact, it's just the opposite.  The curry, in all its iterations, is excellent and the restaurant goes the extra mile for a gourmet vibe.

Sitting along the marble counter and browsing the menu, one notices all the great curry options like Berkshire Port Katsu Curry and Japanese Classic which includes beef, pumpkin and potatoes.  Those traditional curry options are served in what I would describe as a gravy server with a nicely plated pile of warm rice allowing you drench your rice to your personal level perfection.  Just like most of the small East Village Japanese restaurants, the small size allows for prompt service and a quick bite to eat if you're on the run.  But don't get me wrong Curry-Ya is worth going out of your way for if you're in the mood on a cold winter day.


214 East 10th Street

East Village, NYC