Anne Militello Lights Up The World Financial Center

A couple things to avoid in the dead of winter- the water, windy NYC streets and windy NYC streets near the water.  The Winter Garden at the

World Financial Center

may be the only exception to this rule now that it's been outfitted with

Anne Militello's

beautiful light installation called

Light Cycles


All it takes is a quick look at

Light Cycles

 to see why Militello is an internationally acclaimed light artist and designer.  The exhibition, built out of strands of color changing LED discs suspended from the ceiling of the three story tall glass space overlooking the Hudson, it is definitely a sight to behold- especially late at night.  If you find yourself in the mood to see something pretty during the grey, dark, winter night cheer yourself up at The World Financial Center.  You'll be happy you went.

Light Cycles

 by Anne Militello

World Financial Center - Winter Garden

Sunset to Midnight Daily

Financial District, NYC