Hand-Printed Bags & Scarves by Yarnz for S/S 2013

Everyone and their mom are selling scarves these days, so it's really difficult to find one that's actually cool and unique. That's why Yarnz really caught our eye at ENK this past weekend.

Designed in NYC, scarves and bags from the brand are all hand screened with colorful, awesome prints like we've never seen before. Each one is really a piece of art in it's own right and no print is reused from season to season, meaning your purchase is truly limited edition. The collection we saw on display for Summer 2013 takes on the theme of young love (cue the awwws), and boasts colorful designs ranging from animal prints, skulls, hearts (naturally) and pea pods. The way the brand juxtaposes all of their awesome prints is why Yarnz accessories are now on our must watch list, they just ooze cool. Check out their newest collection hitting stores this Spring at Saks & Bergdorfs.