SOLIFESTYLE Fits: Layers in Europe

Everybody wears black in New York so I blend right in with the masses, but in Europe, black is just another accent to an outfit.  Wearing all black in Vienna and Prague was an unintentional way for my tour guide to know exactly when I had strayed away from his boring lecture in order to snap some photos but also made me feel more unique than I do in the USA. 

I spend most of the trip wearing my Y-3 fuzzy oversize sweater and a pair of All Saints pants (black is also good when you aren't doing your laundry very often).  I wore both with my

Wizzard wingtip boots

.  Underneath I layered with some


long sleeves and Heat-Tech to stay warm in the cold, damp weather.  Check out some photos below. Comments on the outfit? Let me know in the comments below.