Soho's Hidden Hype Shop - VFILES

I knew that V Magazine had a gallery and offices on Mercer Street in Soho, but I rarely walk down that far towards Canal Street.  When I actually stepped inside the VFILES Shop (a retail extension of the magazine's social media outlet VFILES) this past weekend I was pleasantly shocked and excited by what was inside.  I had always associated V Magazine with cool, but this space was



The store has been open for just under a year now and it's filled with a curated selection of apparel, back issues of magazines, and various other accessories. I hadn't heard of it previously, so I assume it keeps a relatively low profile- which is a good thing.  These days when Bape is past its prime, Union is history, and Supreme is over the hill, there aren't many places to find sick streetwear.  VFILES might be my new go to.

Clothingwise, VFILES is stocked with various rising New York City streetwear stars- Les Plus DoresHood by Air, and Conflict of Interest to name a few.  Next to those labels was gear from the VFILES in-house brand and special collaborations from big name labels like X-Large.  Finally, there were shoes, design pieces and silly extras like an 'EW!' bottle of hand sanitizer, perfect for flu season.

So what did SOLIFESTYLE end up with? A 'Harajuku' VFILES crewneck sweatshirt, a Les Plus Dores 'Yamamoto' shirt and a Conflict of Interest 'Giraunchy' tee.  Check out our pics below and if you're in NYC you can visit the VFILES store at 12 Mercer Street in Soho.