Photographer Focus: Veronica Nardulli

Woah, trippy.  That about describes Veronica's photographic style. Her photos have a really unique look, almost mystical and otherworldly, but paired down at the same time.

Having studied both painting and photography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, this girl is legit, and her work has been featured in various competitions and exhibitions in Europe. One of my favorites is the blue bunny below, because it's simple, unexpected and, of course, cute. Check out more of her work on her Tumblr, and read a short Q&A with the artist below.

current location

 Now I live in Florence, Italy



I have just two analog cameras, a Leica III, and a Nikon F4. I prefer both.

random fact about yourself

I'm really shy, but I speak so much.

favorite subject matter to shoot

I definitely love shooting friends, family in different situations.

photographers you admire

Francesca Woodman, Ryan Mcginley, Corinne Day, Gregory Crewdson, but I can say many others.

what makes a great photo

I think it has to transmit something.

what makes a terrible photo


why do you love photography

is like music, is immediate, is more realistic, than any other form of art. Goes straight to the heart.

do you do any other art

 yes, I studied painting and multimedia art, I paint and I make video