Little Fox Cafe, Nolita

Little Fox Cafe opened recently on Kenmare Street in Nolita. It's a cool coffee shop, but more than that, it's shop for New Yorkers by New Yorkers. The furnishings inside, from the benches to the floors to the window decor are salvaged from old NYC establishments and the coffee comes from D'Amico in Brooklyn.

Little Fox is also a much needed neighborhood hangout. There are plenty of places nearby to shop or grab a bite to eat but sometimes you need to sit down pull out a book and read for a while. The atmosphere is quiet and relaxing.  From the looks of the decor, Little Fox could be somewhere in the Colorado Rockies, or almost anywhere more peaceful and relaxing than a big city, but add in a couple New Yorkers dressed in all black sipping coffee and some hipsters behind the counter and you've got a shop that fits in perfectly to its surroundings.

Little Fox Cafe 

Kenmare St. (btw Mulberry and Mott Streets)

Nolita, NYC